Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Acorn story, part 2

Early october

The larva has left the building and made a small hole on its acorn, two of the others where sprouting. Funny, the sprouts were in different colours, one was greenish and the other pink. And they were actually not that exciting to paint – how do one depict a short stump with no shape satisfying?


Things then happened very fast over a short period of time. Three of my acorns sprouted but the rest of the lot did nothing. The sprouts grew very fast, you could actually see the changes from one day to another. The sprout looked very different on all three, they are individuals already on this young age. 


Now it was time to find small glass containers. I had one small jar that suited well, and I had recently found out that the interior design company Svenskt Tenn had a small acorn vase for sale, only 12 cm in height. 
Lucky for me there was a shop here in Göteborg who sold them, so I bought two!

They are very pretty and look so nice on the window sill, I think they could function very well for small flowers as well.

As soon as I put the acorns in their vases they started to grow real roots – fast!


Time went by and everyone relaxed but the roots grow and grow. It has almost gone 2 months and I was wondering if there should be any oaks germinating?
I made small harness out of paperclips for them, since I thought that they might needed more air underneath.


But suddenly it happened! On one of the acorns there was a small green bump pressing its way out. I’ll be watching very carefully over the next days. 

3 days later and it is still fighting to get out!


Stretching up up up, it has really started to grow now. I painted this over two days, and the green small stem had changed over the night.

Its a whirlwind of roots in the vase. It is actually only one thread but it is hard to tell where it start or where it end and the fact that it is only one is a little hard to grasp. So I don't even tried to draw and paint it ... :-)

It will be exciting to follow this little one on its journey to become a tree. Challenge number one could be to keep it out of harms way of the cat. The cat has never tasted oak.


  1. How exciting!!! I look forward to seeing the journey continue! I felt the same excitement with my date seeds, and now have four small plants 😊

    1. Sadly the journey has ended for my acorns, I am about to write a post about it, just have to collect all pieces. It was exciting to watch them grow, and there are other seeds out there to try :-)