Sunday, 30 November 2014

The fall of growth

Working in series is something I never really think of when doing the same object over and over again. But I read from time to time about artists that honor the method of working in series and the outcome of that work.

Now I have done 3 pieces of Rhododendron leafs, after that 3 pieces curled up leafs – and then I needed one more painting so I decided to do 3 pieces of acorns. After the drawing and composing of these 3 last items I realized I was working in series and that the pictures sort of become better and better in composition and the overall thinking around them. Actually, the Monday after the start of the acorns all I was thinking about on my day-job was the acorns and how to proceed with them. Something really started to happen.

Everything started in September with the 30 day challenge. A new object every day, and sometimes the same object a second or a third time. Speed was required since I for the most time only had about 2 hours to work on.

And now this, a series in 3-part pieces. Still there are only objects of the same kind in every piece, but I start to feel that it is time to change that. So now I have to go out and collect some pine needle. They don’t match the acorn as it comes to habitat, but there is not much growing going on beneath an oak. The small mushrooms I found earlier is now gone. But there could be a pine beside …, and the needles seem to be manageable items to start with.

Some days later 

I left the apartment in the quest of finding some pine needles. But first I went to the oaks to see how it really looked beneath them.
I strolled and kicked up leafs, there are really a lot of leafs under an oak, not one or two layers – but lots and lots. To my surprise all of a sudden two tiny tiny white mushroom connected to a little stump of a branch showed up. I was so happy and picked them carefully and put them in the jar I had with me. I found something growing under an oak J

A few steps away the ground laid bare, no leafs, but instead a lilac mushroom and then a brown … They both went into my jar, happy me! I was now satisfied and decided to go and look for the needles. But only a few steps away there was as a big gathering of yellow mushrooms! Now my jar was full.

Later I found pine needles, but it was not that easy as I first thought. There were some big pines, but they had different kind of needles – far too big. I was after the more normal Swedish style, and they are about 5 cm long.

I had planned to finish the last one of the curled leafs this day, but was so happy over my new findings so I started right away with acorns, little mushrooms and needles. 3 hours later my face was hurting since I had concentrated far too hard on the task, and had closed my teeth a little too tight for a little too long time.

The time is running and Monday comes always too soon. I’m already waiting for next weekend.
Later I finished the painting and I’m very happy with the outcome. Next step in evolution for me J

The weekend after

I have now finished my last leaf paintings so now I have spent this day painting my yellow mushrooms in my sketchbook. Maybe I include some of them in the next acorn painting, but they are so big so they will probably take over the whole scene!

I haven’t painted from photos that much before. I miss holding the items in my hand, twisting and turning it round to find the best angel and to see the hidden parts. Now I have to rely on the photos I took a week ago, and do the best from them. But I realize that if I’m going to take photos to paint from – I have to take lots of photos!

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