Sunday, 18 May 2014


I haven’t visit my dump for over a month now. First things got in between, and then I got a really bad cold which kept me from both going outside the apartment and also paint or draw. Three long weeks that was. 

But today I finally found time, a quick breakfast and then of on the bike. I soon realized what a bad cold does to your fettle, I had to shove the bike in every ascent …, so it took me a while to reach the dump. It is one of the highest places in the city so it is uphill all the way.

All the gardens and parks in the city flaunts, but this is a barren wasteland – it hadn’t happened so much over the last month as I expected. The hill is greener, but that is pretty much all there is. Well, there are of course Dandelions so the hill is green and yellow.

Most of the green is the leaf of Clovers, just the leaf no buds are visible yet. There are also several kinds of grass. Some, as the Timothy-grass, is in bloom but others is just emerging.

I also found some small blue Veronica chamaedrys, but they were to fragile and didn’t survived the journey back home. I painted two sorts of grass and some clover leaf, the clover really take up lots of space when you place it like this. 

There were no mountain bikers going downhill today, but a small rabbit was going uphill the bike path. It strike a nice pose and did not noticed me before I was just a few meters away.

The yellow standards in the background marks the biggest jumps on the biketrack, the rabbit has taken position on one of the smaller ones. The green shed I painted last time I was here is still there.

All the greenery just behind the rabbit is Giant Hogweed, they are about one meter high now and they look dangerous if you look close.

On my way back home I saw some trees and thought it would be nice to practice my tree painting skills. So I found a good spot in the shade and started with the best intentions. Some tree trunks with light green foliage underneath and a small pond as backdrop. But I don’t know what or when it goes wrong. Is it the color in my field kit or is it the color I bring inside me? Why does it always look as if I painted a marsch?

I like the picture but it is far from how it look at that place! 

The name of the pond is ironic enough The black bog, but it is a really nice pond whith ducks and coots and other nice birds.

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