Saturday, 5 April 2014

Early April

Today I spend some time on my dump in order to start this blogg.

My dump is located a few kilometers away from home and the easiest way to get there is cycling.

It is 2 years since my “Painting in the field” took place here, but the only real difference is that the mountain bike track has evolved to a real downhill mountain bike track with jumps and slopes and standards guiding the path. And brave young people who plunges down the path.

It was a cold day and I started down where the sheds and maintenance area are and did a sketch of the combustion plant. It sounds like it should be big, but the only visible part is a pipe in the ground. A quick pencil sketch and then some colour with the sketchbook resting on the bike seat.  Details where added later at home.

I have a somewhat naïve style when doing pictures like this, and I simply can’t draw trees. The things behind the shed is the Giant Hogweed or what’s left of them at this time of the year.

I took my bike and dragged it along with me my up to the top, it is practical to have the bike so I don’t need to carry all the stuff, like my field chair – a three legged thing.

On the top there is a some big rocks arranged in a funny way, like an old grave from the stone age. And a bench with a trash can beside it. I chose a position so I was looking up on the rocks, it was the picture I wanted to paint this day.

Some day when the weather is warmer I will paint it with the city in the background. The wind was really chilly and after a while my fingers started to go numb, so I did the finishing touches at home. I wasn’t used to paint on this paper either, it is an Arches paper with rough grain and it was a while since I used that kind of paper. My sketchbooks has smooth paper which also dries quickly, this didn’t…

When I had packed up my things I started to look for something growing to take back home for more painting. But, there is no growing going on, yet. The Giant Hogweed is showing something green deep down in the ground, but that was all. I then turned my interest to the few rosebushes that are growing there, and I finally found one well-worn rosehip from last year. Not much colour, but I like it this way. I have a delight in the withered when it comes to rosehips!


  1. Great start... it will be fun watching this develop!

    1. That's exactly what I think to :-)